EOP/SSS 2nd Year Peer Advising

Meet our EOP/SSS 2nd year Peer Advisng team!

Raul Roman

man with dark hair outside

My name is Raul Roman. I am from Anaheim, CA. I am a Criminology & Justice Studies & Psychology major. Education, to me, is a way to a better life. No one in my family has ever attended college. This is a way for me to help my family, to give them a better life, and provide a pathway for the next generation. Peer advisors assist other students with guiding and providing them information about academic policies and procedures, school events and resources. Peer advising is important because students may feel more comfortable talking with another student and a peer advisor can offer help from a student perspective. 

Yaxeny Moreno

woman with dark hair under umbrella

My name is Yaxeny Moreno. I’m from San Fernando, CA. and a Kinesiology major. EOP is Family because I know they are always there to give endless support to students. If you are ever in the EOP office you will always be treated with love and respect and leave with a smile on your face. Education is enlightening. It’s people experiencing life, teaching, storytelling, researching, training, and so much more. Peer advising is important because students get to work closely with another student who can offer personal experience as someone who sits in a lecture room just as they do. After graduation I plan to attend grad school at HSU in the Adapted Physical Education program. 


Ronaldo Cacerez

Ronaldo in Blue shirt

My name is Ronaldo Jesus Cacerez. I’m a Environmental Studies major with an emphasis in Geospatial Analysis and minor in Spanish. EOP is a bridge that has helped me connect with campus resources and a community that I can ask for help to move forward. Education is important to me and I see it as a key that has and will open opportunities for me to learn and grow. Peer advising can help and guide you and be able to plan out your time at HSU. I think it's important because it makes it easier to understand how to navigate through DARs Planner and see your progress towards graduation.