EOP/SSS 3rd Year Peer Advising

Meet our EOP/SSS Third Year Peer Advising Team! 

Emigdia Macario

woman with dark hair outside at night

My name is Emigdia Macario. I am a Kinesiology-Pre-Physical Therapy major. I am from Guatemala but I have spent most of my life in San Francisco, CA. Humboldt State has been a great journey. I have found my passion to become a Physical Therapy doctor. Being a part of EOP has been a great experience especially knowing that I have my EOP advisors supporting me through every step. This journey would have not been possible without my EOP advisors and staff for always pushing and believing in me. For current and future students, a word of advice is to reach out to your advisors or your support system because they will be the anchor to your success. Don’t be afraid to explore the resources that are available to you.

Sonia De Leon

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Hello, My name is Sonia De Leon. I am currently a senior in the Social Work program. I am still pretty uncertain about what I am going to be doing right after college as these times are unpredictable.  My goal is to attend grad school and I have been busy researching schools to obtain my masters in Social Work. My dream job currently is to be an EOP advisor, or to be an advisor in a college setting. I am a part of Delta Phi Epsilon and I enjoy listening to music and cooking

Odalis Coronado

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Hi, my name is Odalis Coronado. I was born and raised in Monterey County and am currently in my 4th year at HSU. I am double majoring in Social Work and Criminology & Justice Studies. Humboldt definitely has grown on me over the years and has a special place in my heart. I've met great people throughout my years and made great memories. I’m applying to advanced standing Masters of Social Work programs in California. I would like to gain experience working in a city setting with a diverse population. My ultimate career goal is to get involved in the Forensics Social Worker field or Juvenile Justice field.

Maritza Herrera

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Hello, my name is Maritza Herrera. I’m born and raised here in Humboldt County and am currently in my 4th year at HSU. I love and appreciate so many aspects of Humboldt. I plan on applying to a 1-year program to get my Master's degree in Social work. I want to help different communities but would love to focus on working with youth who are in the foster care system and criminal justice system. I'm currently volunteering with the YES program "Hand in Hand" which focuses on working with foster youth. I'm excited for all the knowledge and experiences I will gain this year.