Armando Mendoza-Quiroz

EOP/SSS Advisor


“I am an Alumi of the EOP program and I learned so much and benefited from this program that I want to give back to other students who are in a similar situation I was in.” Armando said.

Armando grew up in a small town in the Central Valley called Woodlake. Right after high school he attended HSU where he was fully immersed in EOP as a student assistant working both for the Fall Bridge program and in the processing of applications from future EOP students. After earning his Bachelors degree at HSU, he attend CAl Poly SLO where he earned his M.A.

Being an EOP/SSS Advisor has been a dream of Armando’s since his time at HSU as an undergraduate student. He hopes to help student like himself gain the experience to navigate a primarily white institution. He enjoys getting to know each one of his students on an individual level and helping them through all their questions until they walk across the graduation stage.  

When he isn’t helping students meet their educational goals, you might find Armando at the beach enjoying the flow of the ocean or being a lifelong Batman fan.

Armando is here to support his students. In his own words, “I trust and believe in all of their goals.”

HSU was a place where Armando learned to be an adult away from home, changed his mindset, and made life time friends.

If you ask Armando for a bit of advice for a new student, he might tell you this; “Get out there and try new things, it’s college! Be yourself don’t change who you are because people are quick to catch on. Being yourself will help you find your group of friends.”