Dan Saveliff



"The first generation path is often accompanied with questions and self-doubt," Dan Saveliff said. "If a student is thinking or questioning whether they ‘can or can’t’, the answer is always that they can…. It’s just a matter of how”

Dan Saveliff serves as the Director of EOP & Student Support Services but before he became the man in charge he was a Humboldt State Lumberjack. Dan made the trek to Humboldt from San Rafael, California and graduated from HSU in 1985.

A few years after graduating he became an EOP advisor, someone he would have appreciated having during his time in college. "I was a low-income kid that did not know how to navigate through financial aid," Dan said.  “I didn’t always pass enough units so I’d get warning letters, I’d apply late and miss out on aid, and I didn’t always spend my money wisely, so I sometimes got hungry or had trouble paying bills”.

Dan became the Director of EOP in 2008 and alongside the rest of the EOP team of advisors and staff, works hard for the students in the program.  "The work pushes us; the potential that every student possesses pushes us,” Dan said.

And even though he's been a part of EOP for over 30 years the love for his job still remains evident.  “The thing I have come to appreciate is student growth," Dan said. "Being able to watch students come in as freshmen and on through to the time they graduate and be ready to enter the professional field, there's this development that is visible and there is this particular turning point when students begin to own that professional momentum.”

He himself also understands the pressure of being a first-generation college student and hopes that students come to find EOP as a resource during their time at HSU.

“‘Know that you can, and always tinker with how you achieve success; look for challenges that will help you grow and take you past your comfort zone" Dan said. "But remember, when you think you’ve taken on too much, reach out to others."