Eli Pence

EOP/SSS Advisor


“If I can make my students feel like they belong, like they’re here for a reason and that have people here who care about them, that would be a good day at the office." Elias Pence said. "I want my students to feel like I SEE them in all their complexity, and I care about them no matter how different or similar we may be."

Both a Humboldt State and EOP alumnus, Elias knows of the beauty that both places have, but even more of the kind people they hold.

For a first-generation student who grew up in Laytonville, California watching "The  X-Files", college was intimidating but with the help of EOP he knew he was going to be just fine.

"When I moved up to Arcata, the biggest city I had ever lived in and having people guide me when I couldn't call home... made me feel comfortable and helped me feel like I belonged," Elias said.

Now as an advisor Elias hopes to return the love and energy he had received as an Upward Bound and EOP Student. He hopes to be the go-to person for his students during their time in college.

College a time where life can be a bit stressful especially for someone who doesn't have people at home who can help or understand what they're going through.

"I love being able to help people in a real way every day, Elias said.”Whether a student considers the problem large or small, it’s really satisfying to help someone who comes in with an issue and be able to use my experience, privilege, and position to make someone's life easier."

Elias genuinely cares and understands what students in college are going through. He hopes to be that person they can go to and to the best of his abilities will try to help when needed.

"I don't have the answer to every question, but I promise you if I don't I will find out the answer or find someone who knows," Elias said.