Liz Silver

Admin Support Coordinator/Office Manager


“I found being in EOP to be a huge benefit. For me it was a community that helped me feel like I belonged here at HSU,” Liz said.

Liz is Humboldt, Humboldt State, and HSU EOP/SSS through and through. Liz grew up in Arcata and Eureka, attended HSU earning her degree in History with a minor in Multicultural Queer Studies, and is a proud HSU EOP Alum.

Liz is EOP’s Administrative and Admissions Assistant and dedicated to EOP and strives to make EOP the safe haven that it was for her. It was always a place to re-collect herself, get school work done, and get advice. At the end of the day, that’s what she thinks she help orchestrate in her position here.

When she isn’t trying to making EOP a safe haven and community, you can find her indoor bouldering or being a die-hard and life-long Cher fan. 

“I love getting to talk with students every day. The best conversations are when I hear about a person’s quirky interests. I learn a lot of things from students that I wouldn’t know otherwise,” Liz said.

Liz knows from personal experience what it means to be first generation and from a low-income background. “I sometimes felt out of place and not listened to in classrooms where most of the people who spoke up came from more privileged backgrounds. Summer Bridge introduced me to friends who had similar backgrounds and goals. This helped me know that I was not alone. When I did struggle with things, the EOP staff gave me the guidance I needed to go talk to my teachers and departments like financial aid,” Liz said.