Rama Rawal

EOP/SSS Advisor


“I remember meeting with my EOP counselor and coming out of that office, I felt as if all this fog had been lifted," Rama Rawal said. "I also remember thinking I’d like to do this for others, someday.'"

Having been an EOP student herself at UC Santa Cruz as an undergraduate, Rama knows the program rather well. Now as an advisor herself, she hopes to make a difference in her student's lives as EOP did for her during her time in college. 

"It's really cool to know I am doing this for others now," Rama said. "Demystifying college and demystifying the process that seems so hard.”

Rama has been working at HSU for over 10 years and when she's not exploring the Ma-le'l dunes she's working her hardest for EOP students.

"I love the one-on-one student connection," Rama said. "I aspire to have the time to listen and see in what ways the EOP program can help every individual that walks through the door.”

How proud she is of her job and the students she has in her caseload is evident. One of her fondest memories of her time working at EOP is having been able to nominate one of her students for an outstanding student award in which the student ended up winning. Her student was one of the founders of Finding Resources and Empowerment through Education (FREE), a group that aims to educate others about the undocumented person’s experience and resources.

"What I hope is that I have the ability to meet each student where they are," Rama said.

Rama is a proud EOP alumnus and one that now pays it forward as an advisor.