Roger Wang

EOP/SSS Advisor


“I love helping students who have similar backgrounds as I do," Roger Wang said. "I like being able to help someone like me who’s first-generation and low-income who can’t ask their parents or siblings because they don’t understand what it's like to be in college."

Roger started working at EOP in Spring 2015 and was able to connect with students, having been a first-generation and low-income college student himself. He also knows the barriers many have had to face to enroll in college.

"I get to help students get their degree, as well as, getting them involved to help build their resumes, connections, references. Essentially, getting the most out of their college experience," Roger said.

He genuinely hopes to be that resource for students who need help whether it's understanding University policies to the simple skills of how to talk to their professors.

The most rewarding part of Roger’s job is being able watch his students succeed and grow during the semester and their time as a college student.

"I want students to know that there is someone on this campus that cares about them in and out of work," Roger said. "Whether they realize it or not, I am looking out for them and hoping and pushing them to do their very best. It means the world to me when they achieve their goals, whatever those might be."     

            Roger truly cares about his students and has been in their shoes and that is what drives him to help. He also hopes the best for them and encourages to use their college experience to explore the world around them to learn more about themselves.