EOP/SSS Events

EOP/SSS Graduation Celebration -  This graduation celebration recognizes the culminating academic achievement of our undergraduate students. In early May of the year of your graduation, we will invite you, along with significant players in your education, to join together to acknowledge and celebrate your accomplishment.

EOP/SSS Honors Reception - The Honors Reception recognizes the outstanding academic achievements of our students. For every year you earn Honor Roll recognition, and for the year of your graduation, we will invite you, your family, friends and faculty to join together to acknowledge and celebrate your wonderful accomplishments

Student in Graduation gown holding certificate with woman and man
Students standing with certificates

Northern California  Forum for Diversity in Graduate Education - Each year, EOP/SSS collaborates with campus partners to bring students to the California Forum for Diversity in Graduate Education. The Forum provides students an opportunity to explore graduate schools and resources by participating in numerous workshops conducted throughout the day. Students participating from Cal Poly Humboldt may receive transportation to the forum and lodging at no cost to the student.

EOP Northern Regional CSU Student Leadership Conference-This event takes place in January of each year. The purpose is to bring CSU-EOP student leaders in the Northern Region (Humboldt, Chico, Sonoma, Sacramento, and Maritime) together to develop skills, present workshops and network with peers. The conference has sessions on the history of TRiO programs, leadership development activities and a career pathways workshop.