Program Services

An advisor and student

An advisor and student.

EOP/SSS offers a wide range of services which are individually tailored to meet the needs of each student. As a participant in our program, the following services are available to you to help you reach your academic career and personal goals.

Academic Advising

Developing a plan for academic success is as unique as each student. The keys to successful planning also vary at each stage of a student's academic career. We'll help you understand university requirements and help you develop an academic plan that will meet your educational, career, and professional goals.

Academic Probation Advising

Planning and problem solving go hand-in-hand. If you encounter unexpected challenges, your EOP/SSS advisor will help you understand campus policies and academic performance standards, and help you develop new strategies to overcome the challenges you face.

Graduate School Advising

In coordination with selected faculty and the Dean of Graduate Studies, we offer graduate school workshops and individual advising on the application and admissions processes for graduate and professional schools. We also assist in coordinating transportation to the Forum for Diversity in Graduate Education, which is sponsored by the California State University system each year.

Personal/Career Counseling

EOP/SSS advisors can help you clarify personal and career goals and identify the resources and services available.

Tutorial Support

As a program student, you qualify for free tutorial assistance. EOP/SSS sponsors individualized tutoring and study groups in courses where a sufficient demand exists among program students. The Tutorial Center also coordinates small-group tutoring in high demand subjects for tutorial services funded through Associated Students (open to all Humboldt State University students).

Learning Skills Support

Learning Center staff can offer you one-on-one and small group assistance to help you develop fundamental skills such as English, reading, math and study strategies. Staff can also offer you assistance with preparing for standardized tests (GWPE, GRE, CBEST, etc.) and with developing subject-specific study strategies and skills. Many of the materials are self-paced and you can work with staff to develop an individual learning plan.

Orientation and Mentoring Services

As a new student, you may be eligible to participate in one of our new-student transition programs, which include Summer Bridge, and Transfer Programs .

Developmental and Supplemental Courses

As an EOP student, you may also participate in courses and programs designed to strengthen your skills in areas such as Math, college-level readiness (EOP Fall Bridge), and the Sciences, such as Botany, Biology, and Chemistry (Supplemental Instruction Courses).