Freshmen Programs

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EOP/SSS Fall Bridge is a dynamic first-semester program tailored to meet your needs and to help you make a successful transition from high school to the university.  EOP Fall Bridge consists of one core course in general education (in science or social science, depending on your major), coupled with one adjunct course and tailored to support you with study-smart strategies specific to your core course.  In EOP Fall Bridge, you will acquire academic strategies for success within a support network of your peers and friends.

EOP/SSS Freshman Seminar will help you make a positive transition to Cal Poly Humboldt by introducing you to academic and student life resources. You will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of topics, including the exploration of campus resources, academic skills, careers, work-readiness, job search, finacnial literacy and your own identity as a student and emerging professional. The course will help you understand the journey of college through personal growth and the exploration of values.