How to Apply to EOP


Temporary Virtual Services 

The physical office for the Educational Opportunity Program  is closed for the Fall 2020 semester. However, we can assist you via phone, email and Zoom meetings. 

EOP admissions questions - Email or call 707-826-3778 to leave a message. Please be sure to share your name, student ID and phone number. 


COMMUNITY is the heart of EOP. A first generation student is the first in their family to have the opportunity to attend college.  This new journey can feel unfamiliar, but our students awaken to this new experience by allowing EOP to be a home away from home. EOP is family.


SUPPORT is the foundation of EOP. We advocate for our students because they are strong and resilient. We hope to nurture their growth and hold them accountable to the goals they set for themselves. Our students rise to the challenge,  share their experiences, and become support to others. EOP is a movement.


SUCCESS is our EOP students.  Each student has their own definition of success. It is this diversity that brings value to our program. We believe in the power of education. Our students soar into life experiences with confidence. EOP is the future.

 "Proud to be first"

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How to Apply to EOP


Step 1 - Apply to Humboldt State and EOP through Cal State Apply

  • Start the CSU application at

  • On the CSU application, check "yes" to the question, ”Do you wish to apply through the Educational Opportunity Program?”

  • Complete and submit the CSU Application online 

  • Follow up to confirm your two recommendation letters have been sent. (Tip: make sure you have  the email addresses of the two people recommending you ready for when you are filling out the "EOP Recommendations" section) 

  • HSU's EOP Priority deadline for All students applying for Spring 2020 is September 30th, 2020. The application including recommendation forms must be complete by then. 


Step 2 - File for financial aid

  • You are required to file for Financial Aid before the March 2nd deadline.


Step 3 - Submit additional documentation

  • Check your email and student center regularly for any additional requested documents such as Transcripts.


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