Transfer Student Seminar


Transfer student at local playground build

This course, instructed by Celeste Robertson, is designed to help you transition smoothly to Cal Poly Humboldt. We will introduce you to Humboldt's many services, programs and resources that will prove critical in optimizing your academic and student life experiences at Humboldt. Emphasis is placed on exposing you to opportunities for personal, intellectual and professional growth.  Some sessions will feature presentations by campus staff and select individuals from the local community.

Course Objectives: 

  1. Help transfer students to make a smooth transition to Humboldt.
  2. Provide the information and self-assessment skills necessary to facilitate successful academic performance and to address developmental needs during the first term.
  3. Strengthen necessary information technology skills and provide an introduction to the computer and electronic resources available at Humboldt. 
  4. Provide students with information about the services available at the university that will ensure academic success.
  5. Promote the student's successful connection with the institution academically and socially.

Course Requirements:  Credit for this course is largely based on attendance and participation.  Attendance, therefore, is mandatory.  In addition, there are homework assignments and occasional in-class assignments that will make up the remainder of your grade.